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Market research companies are hired by Fortune 500 companies to learn the likes and dislikes of the marketplace. In turn, market research companies look for people like you and I to get our opinions on things like products, services and even advertisements.

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Here at this site you'll find over 250 market research companies that are looking to reward you for sharing your opinions. You can earn both cash and prizes.

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Its a matter of signing up (for free) with some of the companies you'll get access to and then picking and choosing the assignments that interest you. You're in control. You decide how much or how little you participate.

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I know this all sounds great but you may be thinking, "Hey, why should I join this site? I can find these companies on my own."

Truth is, with time (a lot of it) and effort you probably could find survey sites out there but here's another important point:

Watch out for the scam artists!

Unfortunately, there are companies in this industry that prey on unsuspecting people and try to charge them up front for participating in their program.

That's why this guide is so essential. With your membership you'll get access to over 250 legitimate companies that want to reward you for your opinions -- and never ask you to pay to join.

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How many hours do you spend just surfing around the Internet? What if you just took a fraction of that time to do a few surveys every week? You could easily convert some of the time spent surfing into spendable cash.

You owe it to yourself to at least try. Remember you have a VERY valuable commoditity: your opinion. This site makes it simple to convert that commodity into cash and prizes.

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Virtually every major retailer you can think of uses mystery shoppers -- people just like you and me. And you could be one of them when you join EarnSurveyIncome.com

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Another bonus when you join today -- you'll also get the a free government grant guide. Believe it or not, both state and federal governments set aside free grant money. These little-known grant programs give away money to people just like you and me. The challenge is finding out about the programs.

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You'll even learn about programs in your state like...

  • Child care money in Alaska

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  • Iowa job training money

  • Big money to move your business to Utah

  • Plus much, much more.

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It's true, I do have competitors who own similar memberships sites. So let me distinguish why you should join EarnSurveyIncome.com...

Price & Service

Simply put EarnSurveyIncome.com is the best value you'll find in survey membership sites. You'll get comparable information at a fraction of the price. Others charge as much as $69 for the same information. Plus, you get valuable bonuses that I could easily sell. which is not offered by my competitors. So how much is membership here? Only $19.97. (I purposefully made the fee so reasonable anyone can afford it.)

Let me talk about another way I'm different from my competitors. Service!

If you have problems. If you have issues. I'm available to help via personal e-mail, just write me at Daniel (at) SecretInformationRevealed.com.

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The fact of the matter is I have my own merchant account (credit card processing) for other sites I own (see e.g.www.SpeakersCuiseFree.com ) and a shopping cart. But I choose to set up EarnSurveyIncome.com through ClickBank.

Clickbank sells this product as they are a trusted online retailer specializing in digitally delivered products. ClickBank is also widely known to have a very fair refund policy. Like me, they want all their customers happy. So if you don't believe me that you'll get a refund in the unlikely event you ask for one, you can believe ClickBank.

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